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Like our wines, the vineyard is not content imitating that of other cultures. Instead, it has confidence in the style and structure that is it's own signature.

24350 Haynie Flat Rd
Spicewood, TX

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Welcome to Stone House Vineyard

Stone House Vineyard is situated on a high bluff overlooking Lake Travis, benefiting from the moderating cool breezes from the water. The 7 acres of close-planted Norton vines are grown...

Our Wines

  • Cuvee Cuddles Champagne

    Cuvee Cuddles Champagne

    This sparkling wine is made in the traditional manner...

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  • Sangiovese Rose 2012

    Sangiovese Rose 2012

    Beautiful wine with exotic aromas of raspberries...

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  • Wild Ferment Riesling 2012

    Wild Ferment Riesling 2012

    Indigenous yeast contribute to this delightful light...

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  • Semillon 2012

    Semillon 2012

    Current drinking style wine is vibrant with gold tinges...

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  • Claros 2010

    Claros 2010

    Medium to full bodied this wine from our Norton grapes exhibits...

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  • Tempranillo 2011

    Tempranillo 2011

    A rich purple hue with a full brambleberry palate makes this...

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  • Shiraz 2011

    Shiraz 2011

    A nose of true Shiraz! Dark plums finishing with an earthy...

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  • Sticky 2011

    Sticky 2011

    Late harvest Semillon with just the right amount of acidity balances...

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  • Scheming Beagle Port

    Scheming Beagle Port

    Lush like a fruitcake this port made from Norton grapes...

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  • XO Tawny Port

    XO Tawny Port

    This 60-year-old special port has a complexity of caramel...

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  • SR Pinot Noir 2010

    SR Pinot Noir 2010

    Savory lifted fruit notes and carefully managed oak treatment...

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  • SR Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

    SR Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

    Elegant with balanced and focused black cherry and currant flavors...

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  • SR Angela’s Wish 2008

    SR Angela’s Wish 2008

    Cabernet Sauvignon (75%) and Shiraz (25%) contribute to this wine...

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  • SR Old Vine Shiraz 2008

    SR Old Vine Shiraz 2008

    Deep red color, upfront plum and a spicebox complexity...

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  • SR The Survivor 2011

    SR The Survivor 2011

    Rich brick color, penetrating aromas and a big opulent...

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"The name Stone House Vineyard suggests permanence and durability, two qualities owners Angela and Howard Moench undoubtedly espouse in their winemaking and grape growing."